Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Chain Saws

Before even getting into the three story house, you must find your way through a wooded path filled with a number of furry, growling monsters, and angry hillbillies, one of whom is chained to some trees but still manages a few frightful hisses. Once inside, your met by a mad yet lonely scientist who’s very happy to have visitors, or, as he calls them, "new subjects." Like the amd scientist, a few of the actors have scripts, but they’re not overdone. Those who visited here last year can expect a whole new experience - 90% of the house has been redesigned.

The fear factor is great. From the wooded trail entrance to the tri-level, descending path through the house, this place is like four mini-houses in one. And the scares get scarier and the screams louder as you travel through it.

Steven Potter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal October 19, 2007

Rating: 5 out 5 Chain Saws

My four friends and I tiptoed through a wooded trail toward the house, jumping seconds later at AR007902.JPGthe sudden honk of a car horn. It just got scarier and more inventive fron there, in as exquisitely performed and always unpredictable house featuring dark mazes covered in fingers, eerie skits set in cleverly designed rooms and even a sarcastic talking deer head that made fun of us for not being frightened by a purposefully lame scare.

After we stumbled out of the basement of this three story treasure, two of my friends had to immediately light up cigarettes to settle their nerves, and all of us were buzzed for most of the drive home.

Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal October 14, 2005

Rating: 5 out 5 Chain Saws

Our favorite haunt for the dramatically inclined was the Hartford Jaycees Haunted House(DOD) in Slinger. The night we visited, the haunt was chock-full of enthusiastic characters, beginning with an Uber-creepy "bat boy" who harassed us along a wooded walk to the house. Our favorite ghoul was the butcher, who even offered us a sample of blood soup. It did not taste like chicken.

Gemma Tarlach, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal October 24, 2003